Urban Forest Tour Vancouver

Urban Forest Tour VancouverUrban Forest Tour Vancouver
Robin knows the trees in his city by the back of his hand. He often leads urban tree walks around Vancouver to allow residents to gain a better understanding of the urban forest. This summer (2015), we led a tree walk around the Kerrisdale neighbourhood and had a great turnout. We identified over 30 native and introduced tree species over the span of just a few blocks. In addition to learning about tree species in their neighbourhood, participants also learned about how they got their common names, their traditional uses, and other fun facts.
After the walk, we returned to a community center to sip on local Douglas-fir tip and stinging nettle tea.

Book Your Tour
Would you like to know the trees line on your street? Do you ever wonder what  benefits of street trees have in your city? We would love to share our knowledge and passion for the urban forest.
The image above is a poster that we made prior to one of our tree walks. Feel free to contact us if you would like to book an urban tree tour with Robin.

If you don’t already know how important Urban Forests are, you should check out a presentation on urban forestry that we did to prepare high school students for their Envirothon competition.

Urban Forest Tour Vancouver
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