Robin B. Clark Inc. offers clients a broad range of natural resource and urban forestry consulting services.

 Forest Sector Planning and Negotiation

Community Forest Feasibility Studies

Timber Evaluation

Standing Timber Volume and Value Estimation

Carbon offset creation, management, and quantification

Training and Education

Ecological and Timber Inventories

Natural Resource Management Plans / Land Use Planning

Ecotourism Development and Assessment

Economic Development Planning

Community Wildfire Protection PlanningWildfire Behaviour and Risk Analysis

Wildfire andFuel Management Planning

FireSmart Development Planning

Wildfire Hazard Development Permit Area Assessment

Public Education Program and BEAHR Training

Tree Risk Assessments and Tree Preservation

Site Analysis for Tree Retention during Development

Arborist Assessments, Tree Inventories and Management Plans

Plant Species Selection and Procurement

Street Tree and Landscape Specifications, Evaluation, and Installation Monitoring

Ecosystem Management and Restoration Planning

Community Consultation, Visioning and Goal setting

Stakeholder Consultation and Public Engagement

Communications and Information Design

Invasive Species Removal and Tree Planting