Did you know that Robin co-authored a book called the “Tree of Life“? This story is a collaborative effort between Robin (photographer and co-author) and his friend Karen Elkins, the founder of the Science to Sage e-magazine. The concept arose from the many parallels between how nature and people function in similar ways.

The idea for doing an e-book came from a presentation Robin gave to a group of friends, including Karen. The presentation was about a growth and yield research project Robin completed on balsam trees. To obtain accurate data on growth, suitable trees are felled and then split down the middle to reveal annual growth and other damage or events during their life. The good years and bad, storm damage and recovery tend to mirror the human experience. The ecology surrounding each tree is also carefully documented. Where the tree grew up, rich well-drained soil vs poor rocky conditions is also reflected in the growth pattern. The tree makes the best from what it is given, another parallel for us to contemplate.

Forestry cutting wood artistic balsam wood balsam wood